Donate to the Rescue 

Charley’s K-9 Rescue, located in the Triangle area of North Carolina, is a non-profit organization that
provides assistance to North Carolina high kill shelters.


Charley’s K-9 Rescue is committed to pulling
dogs from these high kill shelters, rescues at max capacity, and community pet owners when owner
surrender is necessary.


Charley’s K-9 Rescue offers group dog training services as well as one-on-one mentoring to potential dog
adopters. We also provide extensive dog training, individualized coaching and support for new dog
parents, dog socialization with other dogs, cats, and kids, full vetting with follow up yearly exams, and
resources for all adopters to be successful in their first year.


Charley’s K-9 Rescue mission is to support 100% of high kill shelters in our community, helping to make
North Carolina achieve the goal of “no-kill” status. Every shelter in the state must reach a 90% live
release rate to achieve this goal. We hope that through our training and support programs, all our community will have the opportunity to save a dog’s life.