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Charley's Sober Companions

Having someone to participate in sober activities is a huge factor in remaining sober. A dog is a sober companion you can count on. Having a dog helps us recognize the many sober activities which are available, helping you to avoid the situations which may trigger drug and alcohol use. Addiction is a “takes-one-to-help-one” disease. It thrives on degradation and hopelessness and, to combat both, recovery relies upon identifying with others who compulsively drank and drugged before finding a solution.


The solution is one another: a bunch of former addicts who went from doomed to deliverance, and whose experiences in addiction and recovery are invaluable to fellow sufferers.

Whether it’s Alcoholics Anonymous or another reputable recovery program, a key tenet of overcoming addiction is finding something greater than yourself that helps keep you physically and emotionally sound. Some call this a Higher Power, while others refer to it as a “God of one’s individual understanding.” People who aren’t religious naturally struggle with this and that is where Charley’s Sober Companions come to play.


Fostering a dog can be a huge part of getting you back into a normal routine. Caring for a living creature provides a sense of purpose. You might be feeling unfulfilled if you’re having trouble getting acclimated to work or aren’t connecting well with loved ones, but a pet gives you a reason to get up in the morning and something to look forward to at the end of the day. In return, you gain confidence. It demonstrates to others that you’re ready to take on responsibilities, which may even help when it comes to visiting your children.

We find there are many benefits in fostering a sober companion:

  • Dogs keep you active and motivated for exercise.

  • Companion animals are known to help you socialize

  • Improved communication skills and improved relationships

  • Dogs require your care, inspiring responsibility

  • Dogs get you OUT of your own head (It’s normal to be preoccupied with your own problems, but getting too caught up in worries can lead to jeopardizing your sobriety.)

  • Dogs reduce stress by relieving loneliness

  • Pets keep you on a schedule

  • Fostering a dog LITERALLY saves a life

Charley’s Sober Companions enriches addiction treatment. Dogs have a way of bringing you back to yourself. They keep you accountable. Caring for a dog will require your health and sobriety, and it is a great way to be in the moment and practice mindfulness. Dogs accept you without judgment and give you something to focus on when craving drugs or alcohol and when feeling anxious about a relapse.

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