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Thinking about volunteering/fostering for Charley's or adopting a pet? Here are some of our favorite testimonials:

Emily Hayden

I saw an opportunity to foster a dog in the area and I applied on a whim. I was very clear in my application - I live alone in an apartment, work long hours some days and could only care for a low maintenance dog. I did not expect to be matched with a perfect dog, but Nicole and Charley’s village worked their magic. They want success for their dogs as well as their caregivers. I was matched with Verona (now Maya - spoiler: I foster failed). I asked all my questions and never felt judged or pressured. They supported me throughout the whole process and even now I know they are there for anything I need. For example, the other day (on Christmas Eve!!) a member of Charley’s village came to my apartment to let out Maya because my dog walker fell through. The support and love for these dogs and their owners is unending. Maya has been the most beautiful addition to my life. She loves to snuggle, hike and play with other dogs. She fits perfectly into my heart and all thanks to Charley’s Rescue, she has changed my life.

Shana Sommer

Over the summer of 2022, while my daughter was away visiting family and I had spare time on my hands, I volunteered to foster with Charley's. Nicole and I talked about which type of foster would be the best fit for our home. It came down to puppies. Little did I know what a fateful decision that was! A woman pulled up on the arranged day, and I walked up to meet her. She greeted me and put 40lbs of puppy in my arms. “Here, you carry this one and I’ll carry the other” she said. Once inside, I let Speckles and Freckles look around the area I already had prepared in advance for them with new toys and old toys and a separate, gated area. Of the next few weeks, I got to know my foster puppies - Speckles, shy, sweet, timid, and cuddly, always deferred to his little, but braver and bolder, sister. I know they relied on each other as strays, and how scared they must have been. When it came time for our own summer vacation, Freckles went on to another foster home, and from there on to her wonderful forever home. Speckles went back to Charley’s house until we returned. While on vacation, we talked about how we couldn’t see sweet timid Speckles being shuffled around again, it felt like he needed to be here, and like he belonged here. He felt home. When we picked him up after vacation, it would be for good.

I love my sweet boy, Jesse, with all of my heart.

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