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We've saved 950 lives since our start September 2020!

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Charley's K-9 Rescue, located in Butner, North Carolina, is a non-profit, veteran-founded organization that provides assistance to North Carolina high kill shelters and community pet owners.


Here at Charley’s K9 Rescue, it is our mission to give dogs a second chance at being recognized as a loving and important part of the family. We place our focus on overlooked bully breeds left behind in our NC shelters. It is within this mission that we promise to be a safe haven where they begin a journey of rehabilitation, gaining confidence and preparing for a new life of acceptance. This journey begins with a decompression period before finally adjusting to a home environment that emphasizes socialization with trainers, volunteers, children, cats and fellow canine comrades. Then, through regular behavioral assessments, our dogs become well-trained and ready for adoption.


As an intimate rescue, we believe in the quality of our dogs’ rehabilitation, and take on an amount best for their wellbeing. Though we would love to save all the fur babies, it is our responsibility to provide the best for our dogs without compromising their recovery and quality of life.

North Carolina ranks 3rd in most avoidable euthanized shelter pets. 

Charley's K-9 Rescue is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Supporting NC Kill Shelters by pulling the forgotten and overlooked.

  • Helping our Community Dogs


Finding Great Homes For Even Greater Dogs!

Charley's K-9 Rescue offers group dog training services as well as one on one mentoring to potential dog adopters. We also provide extensive dog training, individualized coaching and support for new dog parents, dog socialization with other dogs, cats, and kids, full vetting and resources for all adopters to be successful in their first year. 

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